There is a wealth of culture and history waiting to be discovered in Dacorum with an array of fascinating attractions.  You can explore unique heritage sites, architecture, beautiful landscapes and natural assets.
From early feudal times, through the Middle Ages and the Tudor dynasty, to the arrival of the ‘New Townees’ in the 1950s, the High Street (or Market Street) was the focal point of life in the Gade valley.  The rare chalk stream which still flows through Gadebridge Park witnessed the building of the Roman villa with its extensive baths, the construction of the magnificent Norman church of St Mary’s, the several phases of the Bury manor house, the Market House and adjacent buildings, the re-construction of the Town Hall and the licensing of many public houses and inns along the length of the busy street, not to mention visits by Henry VIII.
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Dacorum Heritage Trail 


Frogmore Paper Mill, Apsley, Hemel Hempstead

Frogmore Paper Mill is the world's oldest mechanised paper mill. In 1803 Paper's Industrial Revolution started here when the first "Fourdrinier" paper machine was installed and operated at the mill.

Today, paper is still produced commercially, but the mill is now run by a charity as a visitor centre where you can see paper being made, make your own paper by hand as well as learning about printing and many other paper arts and crafts.

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The Natural History Museum, Tring

The Natural History Museum at Tring in Hertfordshire opened in the late 1800's to house the collections of Lionel Walter Rothschild.

Visitors can enjoy a glimpse into the fascinating world of a Victorian collector, and see a huge variety of wild, weird and wonderful specimens from across the animal kingdom - from armadillos to zebras.

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The Pottery Project, Berkhamsted

The Pottery Project in Berkhamsted is a great place to meet friends, bring the kids or just indulge yourself in creativity.

We have an extensive range of plain white pottery ready for you to decorate, from children's ornaments to a full dinner service. Our paints range from delicate pastels to vibrant primary colours, which means we have something for all budgets, tastes and abilities.

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Tring Museum, Tring

Tring local history museum tells the story of the town and surrounding villages, from the Stone Age beginnings up to modern racing drivers, with centuries of a rich history in between.

Told in words, pictures and objects, the museum has something for everyone to enjoy.

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Berkhamsted Castle, Berkhamsted

The  Society has provided 16 panels depicting the history of Berkhamsted Castle, on display in the Castle Visitor Room, open Saturdays, Sundays & Bank Holiday Mondays,10am-6pm.

Guided tours are also provided throughout the year, on request, for school and other groups. These also include, if required, tours of the historic sites of the town centre.

Admission is free but donations are requested for guided tours.

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The Charter Tower & Gardens, Gadebridge Park,
Hemel Hempstead

The site of this early Bury Manor House is now marked by the walled garden in Gadebridge Park.

The so-called "Charter Tower" is all that remains of a later Bury, built by Richard Combe at the end of the 16th Century.

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St Mary's Church,
Gadebridge Park,
Hemel Hempstead

The building of this Norman church began in 1140 and took 40 years to complete. it's 200ft spire is said to be the highest in Hertfordshire and contains eight bells that are beautifully rung by Hertfordshire Champion bell ringers.

Plan your visit around rehearsals, listen to the bells and admire your surroundings.

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Berkhamsted Local History & Museum Society

“The aim of the Berkhamsted Local History & Museum Society is to encourage the study and appreciation of local history, genealogy and other subjects of historical interest. 

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St Peter's Church - Berkhamsted

This is one of the largest churches in Hertfordshire dating from the 13th Century. Extended and added to over the centuries it reached its present size in the 15th Century and has many notable monuments and memorials. For further information please click here

Market House and Old Town Hall

Hemel Hempstead

There was a Market House, Butler Market and Butchers Shambles on this site in the17th – 18th centuries.  There was a disastrous fire there in 1749 and by the 1850s a new building for the large corn and straw plait markets was urgently needed.  In 1852, the Bailiwick built a New Town Hall, now known as “The Old Town Hall” the lower, arcaded part was for the corn market. 

It has since been the scene of many ceremonial events, including a parade to celebrate the Charter, when Queen Victoria granted Hemel Hempstead its “Borough! Status in 1989.  The building is now used as a performance space for small theatre companies and as an art gallery.

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Piccotts End Cottages, Hemel Hempstead


The story of the paintings and cottages:-

In 1953 repairs were being carried out on one section of a row of cottages in the village of Piccotts End near Hemel Hempstead. It led to the discovery by the owner, Arthur Lindley, of some remarkable medieval wall paintings.
(Privately owned building, very limited public access.  Normally restricted by owners to Heritage Open day event in September).

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The Court House, Berkhamsted

The Court House dates from the Tudor period formerly had two storeys.  As a result of the Royale Charter of 1618 (James I) a Court of Records was held here. 

In 1838 the building become part of the National School, when the adjoining house was built for the headmaster.

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Dean Incent’s House, Berkhamsted

Dates from the later half of the 15th Century but incorporates part of an even older structure.  It was used as a public meeting place before the Court House was built. 

It was the home of Robert Incent secretary to Cicely, The Duchess of York at Berkhamsted Castle.  Robert’s son, John, later Dean of St.Paul’s was born here.  Je was the founder of Berkhamsted School.

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Berkhamsted Town Hall

Berkhamsted Town Hall

Built in 1859 as a Market House, Community Hall and premises for the Mechanics’ Institute, was designed by Edward Buckton Lamb.  It replaced a Tudor market house near present-day Tesco, destroyed by fire in 1854. 
The clock was erected in 1897 in memory of Thomas Read, a local timber merchant who was very active in the community, a Country Councillor and served on a number of local boards.

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Sayers’ Almshouses, Berkhamsted

These were built in 1684 as the result of a gift of £1,000 left in trust by John Sayer, chief cook to Charles II, to provide accommodation for six poor widows.  Sayer lived at Berkhamsted Place and his tomb is in St Peter’s Church.

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Dacorum Arts Partnership

Dacorums Arts Partnership

Dacorum Arts Partnership working with our partners to shape the future of the Arts in Dacorum.  At DAP we work to champion the Arts in Dacorum. 

Emphasising their value, contribution and importance to the social, cultural and economic life of the borough, we serve as a consultation group and contact point for collaborative, cross cultural or combined arts and leisure activities.

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Tring Auctions

Welcome to Tring Auctions

Established in 1832 and operating independently since 1992, Tring Market Auctions is now one of the best known provincial salerooms in the Home Counties.

In addition to the Fine Art Sales, in which we are pleased to offer the more important items of antique furnishings, paintings and ceramics, we also hold 20th Century Decorative Arts and Toy Sales three times per year as well as our renowned regular Saturday Sales of approximately 2000 lots of general antiques, collectables and household effects.

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