Tourism Partnership

The Tourism Partnership was established in March 2013, with the group including representatives from hotels, attractions, pubs and restaurants in the borough and surrounding area.  To date 47 businesses have joined the Tourism Partnership.

Partnership Working

Partnership working has been organised between the tourism partners (hotels and attractions) facilitated by the Tourism and Marketing Officer.Partnership working helps to build the tourism economy by increasing bookings and keeping visitors in the area for longer periods.These links are being measured to quantify their impact.

Most recently the Canal & River Trust and the Red Lion, Nash Mills have partnered up.This has resulted in the pub adopting part of the tow path along the canal.In time they will be able to use this space for their business. This will create more seating along the canal which will in turn attract more visitors.

Destination Brand Toolkit

The destination brand toolkit is to help us all promote Dacorum to its best potential and attract more visitors to the area.  With our well known attractions, hidden treasures and easy reach to London and mororways, Dacorum is a great place to enjoy.

By using this destination brand toolkit all tourism businesses can deliever a clear and consistent message through their marketing activities and reinforce what's on offr here in the Borough and the surrounding areas.

This toolkit explains the Enjoy Dacorum brand and how we use it to portray the key tourism messages.

Please click the Destination Brand Toolkit to find out more


In March 2015, tourism businesses across Dacorum and the surrounding areas were invited to influence the shame of tourism in the Borough and the best ways to move the tourism partnership forward

Following on from the workshop, it became clear that businesses were keen to continue with the tourism partnership, however to make this a sustainable group we need to look at a membership scheme to find our future work.

Being a part of the membership scheme is a fantastic opportunity for businesses.  A great value for money, it provides services and expertise to support the performance and growth of tourism businesses and destinations across the borough.

Working together is one of the best ways forward to enhance customer experience and provide an even more attractive offer.

For a nominal fee, implemented on a graduated scale depending on business size, members will be able to gain access to exclusive benefits for their businesses. 

Membership benefits

  • Dedicated Tourism Officer to promote the area and your services
  • Free listing on the Dacorum business directory
  • Full use of the Dacorum brand – including access to the copy bank, image library and other tools and resources
  • Inclusion on the destination website with an enhanced listing
  • Opportunity to have your special offers promoted on the destination website
  • A prominent presence in Dacorum marketing (e.g. editorial in Discover Dacorum newsletters, reaching out to approx. 54,000 readers)
  • Inclusion in DBC organised press and family trips
  • Access to tourism research and intelligence to help your business
  • Provision of networking opportunities for potential customers and partners
  • Membership to the tourism partnership and the opportunity to help shape how tourism develops in the area

The membership will evolve and grow over time as new benefits and opportunities arise.  However we reserve the right to introduce one off services at additional fees where appropriate.  Members will have priority access to these services. 01442 228719

Type of Business

Band 1 - £75

Restaurants, pubs, individuals shops                                        

Attractions up to 20,000 visitors per year                                   

Serviced Accommodation with up to 5 bedrooms                       

Self-catering accommodation with up to 2 units                          

Campsites with up to 50 pitches                                                  

Activity providers with up to 3 employees                                   

Band 2 - £140

Attractions between 20 – 50,000 visitors per year                       

Serviced Accommodation with 6 – 20 bedrooms                         

Self-catering accommodation with between 3 and 5 units           

Campsites with over 50 pitches                                                     

Activity providers with between 4-10 employees                           

Band 3 - £205

Attraction between 50 – 100,000 visitors per year                         

Services Accommodation with 21 -50 bedrooms                           

Self-catering accommodation between 6-20 units                         

Activity providers with more than 10 employees                             

Band 4

Attractions over 100,000 per year+                                              

Serviced Accommodation with over 50 rooms                              

Self-catering accommodation with over 20 units                           

Large group businesses or national chains                                 


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Dacorum Borough Council Tourism Strategy Executive Summary

England’s visitor economy is now worth £106bn a year to England, employing in excess of two million people and accounting for nearly 10% of the entire UK workforce.

Dacorum’s visitor economy is worth £218m annually and supports almost 4,000 jobs. The sector is characterised by several key hallmark attractions and experiences, alongside a diverse breadth and depth of offer, characterised by distinctive retail, a rich tapestry of landscape, heritage food and culture, adrenaline sports and a solid accommodation base. 

The contents of this strategy and its actions were developed from a programme of consultation with key stakeholders throughout February and March 2015.  In total around 40 businesses and organisations have been consulted and their needs have been key in shaping the plan. The strategy builds on the work and progress achieved in the last two years and sets out a clear direction, targets and actions for the next two year period, finishing in April 2017. It also addresses the need for a sustainable model to resource the activity and specifically links smaller destination plans for Tring and Berkhamsted (two of the key places within the destination).

Challenges to local tourism

Confused marketing channels and messages

A fragmented offer across the different areas within Dacorum

A lack of overall knowledge amongst the tourism businesses and visitors about what we have to offer

Key gaps in the visitor experience, notably on what is on offer and signage to it.

The Vision

By 2017 acorum will be known as a distinct place and understood for its breadth of assets and depth of offer. It will inspire new and repeat business as a compelling destination of choice for both day and increasingly weekend visits, a convenient base for business and a fantastic resource for those proud to call it home.  The destination will be positioned to grow its core markets and take effective steps forward, safe in the knowledge it operates from strong foundations.

How will this be achieved?

To achieve this vision, tourism across Dacorum will be guided by a clear and widely agreed plan that focuses on several specific principles:

  1. Consolidate by addressing key gaps and working with what is in place.
  2. Position by focusing on the actions that can make a difference now and position tourism to move forward after 2017.
  3. Invest time and energy in structures and tools that have longer lasting use and impacts. This means that certain of the activities may not be "instant quick wins", some will be longer lead or multi-stage.
  4. Share Delivery as the plan will primarily be delivered by the tourism and marketing officer at Dacorum Borough Council but will be supported by the Tourism Partnership
  5. Measure all  aspects and elements of the plan will be directly measurable

Our Target Audiences

Given resources and timescale the selection of audiences must be prioritised, firming up the most accessible audiences: 

  1. Existing visitors being those who have already chosen to visit the destination.
  2. Local Residents (& by extension Visiting Friends and Relatives) being those who live within the borough, but who are unaware of what’s on offer or who currently choose to spend their leisure time elsewhere.
  3. Local businesses within the borough account for a large proportion of the overall tourism volume and value for Dacorum.
  4. Special interest groups such as those with heritage or countryside interests as arranged groups (both large and small). They will originate outside of the destination but remain relatively easy to target through their shared interest.
  5. "Local" day visitors being those within day visit distance, particularly London.

Targets for the next two years

By April 2017 to grow annual visitor spending and annual visitor numbers by 3% annually. Also to grow the number of "overnights" spent annually in Dacorum by 3% annually and generate 50K in matched funding by April 2017.

Strategy Objectives

  1. Developing a clear identity for the destination as a whole bringing together and defining the nature and offer of Dacorum and creating practical tools and support develop Dacorum’s market position. It requires that 60 businesses actively using the Dacorum brand in their own activities by November 2016 and there is 40% recognition of the Dacorum brand amongst a sample audience by September 2016.
  2. Co-ordination of activity joining up the constituent elements of the destination through promotion, development of shared products, increasing knowledge and development of a robust network. This includes growing membership of the tourism partnership to 150 by April 2017, 50 joint promotional initiatives comprising at least 2 Dacorum businesses undertaken by April 2017. 85% approval rating from partnership members for activities and initiatives undertaken by April 2017 and the establishment of functioning destination groups in Hemel, Tring and Berkhamsted by October 2015
  3. Raising awareness and inspiring others to target and deliver specific campaigns with core audiences and above all to inspire, enthuse and educate. The strategy calls for 60 inbound links from Dacorum businesses to the Dacorum website, 3000 followers on Dacorum B2C social media channels, a Dacorum presence & inbound links from 32 established referring websites and 20% of visitors choosing to visit as a result of destination marketing activity.
  4. Optimising the experience by ensuring quality is inherent in both macro and local scales. By 2017 there should be 30 info points across the destination showcasing minimum 5 other Dacorum businesses, 50 businesses contributing data to destination performance and a follow-on Destination Management Plan for Dacorum beyond April 2017

Delivery of the Strategy

Dacorum Borough Council will take the lead management and delivery role for the strategy, specifically the Tourism and Marketing Officer who the officer will manage the day-to-day delivery and be the key point of contact. Additional resources within Dacorum Borough Council will assist where relevant.

The Tourism Partnership

The tourism partnership will work alongside DBC in delivering the strategy and provide support and input where required enabling delivery.These will be set down in a member's charter to keep responsibilities clear. The tourism partnership will meet formally twice per year.

Destination Groups

The strategy will develop destination groups, initially within the key of Hemel, Berkhamsted and Tring (although further groups could be developed later for the more rural areas), composed of local stakeholders. DBC will support both the tourism partnership and destination groups but will devolve certain actions and activities to these groups where relevant.


This document summarises the content of the Tourism strategy 2015 – 2017.  More detail on the background to the strategy and full action plans can be found in the main document.