DBC Subsidised Training Testimonials

Deborah Cooper, Haven-Bourne Leisure - Great course, learnt a lot of new skills and tricks which will improve my work ability and save a lot of time.
Phil Turner, Printbyte Ltd - Highly recommended.
Deborah Cooper, Haven-Bourne Leisure - Great course, easy to follow and everything was explained well. I learnt a lot.
Jane O'Gorman, Ten2Two Ltd - A very useful workshop, digging deeper into the world of social media for business and how we can benefit from making more use of it.
Leigh Sear, Kent Brushes - Enjoyable and informative.
Hannah Miller, Chipperfield Accounting Ltd - Excellent social media business workshop by Cassie Hicks-Kerr: Modern Marketing Spark. Cassie has given me the confidence to finally address my social media phobia.
Clive Ketteridge, Temenos UK - Excellent access to professional training and advice for affordable amount. As good as any I've allowed for 10 times the price. 
​Craig Gurney, SWR Group - ​ The instructor was very passionate about the subject and very engaging.
​Maria Lis, Wenta - ​Great trainer. Worth coming to.
Ian Burnett, SWR GroupA very enjoyable and valuable course, would recommend. 
Jack Gardiner, NACD - ​Very well presented, very informative, learnt a lot.
Annerlei Maxwell, Bourne Leisure - Brilliant, organised and energetically run. Paul Ryan was fully engaged in the subject. Very good and helpful!