employing an apprentice

Apprenticeships deliver for businesses and help them grow by: -


  • Reducing training and recruitment costs
  • Increasing productivity and your bottom line
  • Developing a skilled , motivated and qualified workforce
  • Providing financial return on investment

More than 100,000 employers, in over 160,000 workplaces, currently use Apprenticeships to attract new talent, re-skills existing staff and tackle skill shortages. Apprenticeships are available to businesses of all sizes and from all sectors in England. Employment is a fundamental part of an Apprenticeship. An Apprentice must be employed in a job role with a productive purpose.

Improve your bottom line

Apprenticeships deliver real returns to your bottom line, helping to improve productivity and competitiveness. Training Apprentices can also be more cost effective than hiring skilled staff, leading to lower overall training and recruitment costs.

Apprenticeship Levels

There are 3 levels of Apprenticeships available: -

  • Intermediate Level Apprenticeships
  • Advanced Level Apprenticeships
  • Higer Apprenticeships
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